Installing Concrete Steps

We get asked to replace steps a little more often than we like lol. Some concrete contractors purposely steer out of this because of all the little details it entails. Each tread must slope just slightly so that they do not puddle water. Each tread must also be consistent is size and rise so users do not trip when traveling over them. Can you imagine a set of steps that regularly tripped users because of their uneven height? Ohhh the drama…   

Because we’d rather save money and build within proper residential building code, you can expect our steps to have:

  • 6” - 7.5” rise 

  • Even treads from top to bottom

  • Minimum of 12” deep treads 

  • Name of a recommended rail guy you can pay directly for a rail if needed.

We also recommend landings every 4-5 steps and will be happy to help you design your new set of concrete steps.  

Most of our commercial steps will have an engineered plan. Go ahead and send them to us at We will type our bid, and make the time to meet with the project manager for any questions. We work with various HOA’s over the years to ensure all our paperwork is in place. 

Speak with a concrete contractor today about your concrete step installation services near Kent & Auburn, WA

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