What to expect: a Step-by-Step Process

You have signed the contract and are getting ready to begin the process of a new stamped slab. Congrats!  

What happens now?

Day 0:

Usually, if you are installing concrete in the front yard, or anywhere where you may have utility lines, you can expect to have 8-1-1 come out to locate any underground lines.  

We spray the perimeter of the project area in white paint so the locators know where to spray. 

Day 1: D-Day.

This is often the noisiest day as we demo and haul off the slab area.

Day 2: Form Day

We will put up the forms as well as install the gravel base and compact this day. 

Day 3: Pour Day

We install the rebar and get a visit from the concrete truck. Warning: Stamping is usually done with 2 colors. One color that is already in the concrete, and the other that is applied all over the slab. We recommend watching us work behind closed glass windows so you don't get any color onto yourself. Now that the concrete is down, the job is half done. 

Day 4: Cleanup Day.

We remove forms, wash the slab and seal. Your concrete will now resemble something you've seen before :)