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Concrete Patio Installation

That part of your house that features your backyard hobby.

Patios are that extra thing you use to enjoy your backyard. The majority of concrete patios are stamped and colored. Just that something extra that sets your patio aside from your driveway. To set your patio apart from your neighbor, consider installing a backyard of your own. 

We get a lot of online pictures from people asking us to replicate a picture they really liked. We are able to do that and will likely quote you not only for the concrete, but to also grade the area, move the heavy things out of the way and make it easier for your to continue building your new project. 

The one extra cost that you can expect for a patio is a concrete pump. You can find a concrete pump on your own, but this will allow us to transfer the concrete from the truck to your back yard. 

Back in the day, we were able to use wheel barrows to move the mud off the truck. We get charged by the minute for taking too long to move the concrete with our wheel barrows. We use the pump to take it to the back for us. There is much less concrete splatter and color loss using this method. 

 As usual, you can expect a 4 inch thick slab with a 2 inch thick gravel base and rebar centered at 24”. If you have slight tweaks to our standard install, simply let us know.

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Your outside space should be a space where you love spending time with family, guests, and neighbors. Our team of dedicated concrete installers will create a space that you'll enjoy for years to come. When you're ready to get started on your concrete patio installation for your Kent or Auburn, WA area property, call us today.

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