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Concrete Slab Contractors Kent WA

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If you find yourself on this page asking Google 'concrete slab contractors near me, your search ends here. We are a reliable concrete slab contractor for both residential and commercial projects near Kent WA.

Many buildings in Kent have a lot of historical and cultural significance but the architecture is getting outdated quickly. However, most of the buildings need more modern additions like concrete slabs.

The concrete slab is a structural element constructed to provide flat horizontal surfaces such as floors, roofs, and ceilings. They are multi-purpose surfaces for both interiors and exteriors and are famous for new residential and commercial buildings.

Concrete floor slab construction can be prefabricated using form-work. If they are well constructed, they have an unlimited lifespan. Hence the reason why you should find a good concrete contractor.

Would you like to have a concrete slab poured to build a garage, a basement, or even a patio? Concrete Champs LLC Services offers concrete slab design services in Kent WA to help you carry out your construction and renovation projects of all kinds.

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Benefits of Concrete slab

Concrete slabs are the most common and preferred choice for new residential and commercial buildings. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a concrete slab foundation for your property.

  • Thermal comfort

Materials like concrete slabs help to improve thermal efficiency. They have high thermal mass; thermal mass is the ability of a material to regulate thermal energy.

Concrete slab foundation gives humans a cooling and heating effect by absorbing natural heat and regulating indoor comfort.

Thermal mass is more effective with a good design layout, and slabs should be designed to absorb natural heat, especially during winter.

However, the slab must be protected from direct sunlight as it needs exposure to a cool breeze so it can disperse the heat overflow it absorbs during the day.

  • Affordable 

This is one of the most significant advantages it has. Concrete slab foundations are cheaper compared to crawl spaces or basements.

Forming, excavation, and labor costs are cheaper because they are constructed on grade over undisturbed soil.

They are highly affordable and for property buyers purchasing a property constructed in a slab foundation offers them a cost-saving benefit.

  • Durability

A concrete slab with proper reinforcement can have an almost unlimited life span. Spaces or permeable areas should not be within the slab; the concrete must be compacted together to reduce the risk of concrete cracking.

A proper foundation preparation is also essential to the concrete slab's longevity and avoiding excess water that might weaken the entire slab and cause the concrete to crack.

The slab must be constructed in line with the structural standard, and concrete installation should be done according to the given timelines, such that concrete reaches the necessary strength level before any load pressure is placed on it.

A concrete slab helps to maintain the durability of the structure.

  • Less time to dry 

Concrete slabs do not take much time to dry up after construction. The concrete contractor won’t have to wait many days for the concrete in a poured cellar to desiccate and set.

Concrete slab projects get completed faster because it doesn’t require extensive excavations, thus allowing construction to carry on without being disrupted for too long.

  • Minimize risk of damage from flooding 

Concrete slab foundations reduce the risk of damage caused by flooding or gas leakage into the house.

Unless the house is constructed near a flood plain, there is less risk of flooding. There would be a reduced risk of mildew and mold because there’s no crawl space or basement to grow mold.

Gas leakage risk is also reduced because pipes will be placed outside the house.

  • Easy access to the building

Concrete slabs for homes and commercial spaces are primarily constructed closer to the ground level than buildings with crawl spaces.

This makes it the best option for the older ones because of the easy access to the building; there will be fewer steps to the entry doors. This is also suitable for those who probably have disabilities.

  • Protection from pest

A concrete slab can protect a building from the penetration of termites and other insects because there are no open spaces beneath the house that give access to wooden joist insects can feed on.

Unlike crawl spaces known for housing rodents, concrete slabs safeguards a home or office building by providing a protective barrier against insects like termites.

  • Endless design options

A concrete slab can also be colored and polished to create a contemporary and attractive floor for your home and office.

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Contact the best concrete slab contractor near you!

Next Level Service

The pouring of a concrete slab for both residential and commercial properties requires rigor and know-how and must be entrusted to real experts to ensure the stability and solidity of the slab.

Present in Kent WA for over 10 years, our husband and wife-owned concrete contracting business serving Southern King County, Concrete Champs, LLC, is a partner of choice for the realization of this service.

We assure you of quality work in compliance with the rules and standards in force.

We will proceed step by step to pour your concrete slab:

  • Ground digging

  • Preparing the bottom of the slab

  • Laying the formwork

  • Pouring the slab

We guarantee you a result that meets your expectations! In addition, our company has a one-year guarantee.

For any request for additional information or to obtain an estimate for your work, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 206-953-4770. Request your free quote today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Concrete slabs are durable and incredibly strong enough to withstand heavy furniture; if you choose a concrete slab foundation, it makes your home less prone to flood or insect infiltration.

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How much do concrete slabs cost?

The cost implication or price of concrete depends on many factors, depending on what you are looking for. However, regardless of the project, whether it is residential concrete for a small slab or an extensive foundation, the prices may vary dramatically, so it is advisable to hire a professional. Give us a call now for your quote.

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